Training center

RCFA is developing and offering training courses and short-term educational modules in the following areas:

  • training for teachers and educators in formative assessment conceptualization, strategies and applied methods;
  • training modules and programs in understanding, experiencing, designing, writing and using learning assessments;
  • curriculum monitoring, analysis, evaluation and development of formative [learner-centred] teaching and learning strategies.

List of currently available courses:

  1. Classroom assessment
  2. Formative assessment
  3. Conducting of regional-level monitoring research
  4. Statistical methods for analysis of research data
  5. Recommendations for policymaking based on results of educational assessment
  6. Evaluation of development and efficiency of educational interventions
  7. Development of education quality assessment tools
  8. Psychometric analysis of education quality assessment tools
  9. Development of test items
  10. Assessment of subject achievements of students
  11. Assessment of 21st Century Skills
  12. Assessment of IC Literacy

If you have got any questions on our courses, please, send us a mail via a contact form. We will reply as soon as possible.