About RCFA

Since 2012 a group of russian experts has been conducting research and implementing educational programmes in the field of formative assessment. Russian Center for Formative Assessment (RCFA) was founded in order to enhance and improve these activities.

The concept of RCFA is based on the research principle of integration of teaching, learning and assessment and structural effectiveness of embedding assessment for learning purposes in teaching spaces. Our Center is a research and training institution that focuses on national and international research and development of formative teaching, learning and assessment. The core resource of RCFA are consultants and analysts with extensive experience at research, training and publishing on formative teaching, learning and assessment.

RCFA promotes understanding of formative assessment and its value for improving educational outcomes. Center aims to play a key role in facilitating the advancement of a formative [learner-centred pedagogy devoted to the development of autonomous learners] approach to teaching and learning in Russia and around the world. RCFA aims to enhance expert capacity in the formative assessment and research field through provision of training programs and modules in formative teaching, learning and assessment, customized to meet clients’ needs and to improve outcomes for appropriate summative assessment as well. Our Center also encourages research activities and knowledge sharing through collaborative events, workshops, conferences and data collection.